The Succession Group is an executive search firm whose clients consists of global investment banks that require a focused, tailored approach in their quest for qualified financial professionals. Our seasoned search consultants combine their in-depth knowledge of the financial markets with placement expertise to provide unparalleled service. Close knit and small by design, The Succession Group offers a boutique atmosphere, providing a level of attention not available at larger search firms. We accept a select number of retainer based clients, limiting the number of searches we take on at any one time. This enables us to provide our clients with an extraordinary degree of concentration throughout the search process. The Succession Group’s outstanding placement performance is built on this unique mix of securities industry expertise, executive search experience and highly personalized service.


The Succession Group draws on its extensive contacts and its customized database of information about firms and professionals to identify potential candidates meeting our client’s specifications. In addition, systematic and thorough market research takes place to ensure that every appropriate candidate is considered.

Screening the Candidates

Candidates are carefully screened to evaluate their experience, skills, performance, education motivation and other qualifications. The client is kept fully informed regarding search progress and market response.

Presenting the Candidates

We provide our client with the credentials of the most qualified and candidates our respective evaluations. Interviews are then arranged with those candidates the client wishes to meet. All scheduling of interviews and related support is facilitated by The Succession Group.

Negotiating the Terms and Closing

The Succession Group consultant is as instrumental as the client desires in the closing process between client and candidate. Our clients often rely on our extensive expertise in the sensitive task of negotiating mutually agreeable terms.

Preserving Long-Term Client Relationships

The Succession Group maintains contact over the long term to ensure success.