Shifting Careers NYT

Deborah Rivera founder and managing partner of the Succession Group, an executive search consultancy focusing on specialized financial services, “Junior professionals will have opportunities if they show they are willing to do the tasks more senior people don’t want to do.” and “The senior people who are in demand now are the ones with relationships and the ability to bring in business.”

Interviewing in this environment is more competitive than ever

This blog was started with the objective of reaching out to an ever growing candidate pool who may benefit from advice that when delivered in person, may be difficult to digest.
There is not a “one size fits all” package of tips for those interviewing in the global markets. Work experience, skills, relationships, expertise, and appearance are variables which make interviewing a unique experience for everyone.
We are not all created equal and the sooner we realize and tackle our imperfections, the more likely we will attain our goals.